Veneer in Huntington, NY


Dental Veneers in Huntington, NY are a Quick and Affordable Way to Reshape Your Smile

Do you find yourself smiling into the mirror when no one is looking, wishing that your teeth were more even in appearance? Do you wish there was a way to change their color and shape without having to undergo an extensive amount of cosmetic dental procedures? If so, you’ll appreciate the easy, cost-effective smile solution of a dental veneer procedure offered at a dentist near you in Huntington, NY like Smile Huntington.

Looking to Reshape Your Smile? We Can Help!

The following are some of the most common reasons that patients have come to Smile Huntington for a dental veneer procedure:

  • To straighten the appearance of crooked or misshapen teeth
  • To more permanently correct the color of stained teeth
  • To adjust the size of teeth that appear either too large or too small
  • To give an even appearance to worn or chipped teeth
  • To close small gaps between teeth that don’t match the spacing of surrounding teeth

In short, a dental veneer procedure can create a uniform, white, beautiful smile in as little as two appointments!

It’s an Easy and Pain-Free Process

As mentioned, a porcelain veneer procedure will require two appointments. If time is a consideration for you, you’ll be happy to learn that Smile Huntington has convenient Saturday and Tuesday evening appointment times available to accommodate your tight schedule.

During your first appointment, Dr. Epakchi and his team will prepare the teeth that will be receiving the veneers by lightly buffing and shaping their surface to accommodate the natural appearance of the veneer. Next, an impression of your teeth will be taken and a veneer color selected.

Once your veneers have been made, you’ll return to our office for your second appointment to have them placed on your teeth with a special liquid that will create a long-lasting bond.

Follow-up care is as simple as adhering to your at-home oral hygiene routine as well as maintaining a twice a year preventative dental exam and professional tooth cleaning in Huntington, NY. When you stick to a schedule like this, your dental care team can monitor your dental veneers and make any adjustments necessary to ensure their durability.

Speaking of Your Semi-Annual Preventative Dental Exam…

If it’s been more than six months since you’ve seen a dentist near you in Huntington, NY, now is a great time to get back on schedule. It will also be an excellent opportunity for you to discuss dental veneers as a smile makeover solution!