TMJ Treatment in Huntington, NY

TMJ Treatment

Relief from Painful TMJ is One Phone Call Away

You’ve probably heard of TMJ Treatment in Huntington, NY, before, but you’ve never had to research what it is or how to get relief from it until recently. The good news is that we’re here to help you navigate this often complex and typically painful condition so you can get relief from its many symptoms.

If you’re not even sure what TMJ stands for, we’re here to give you the most basic information about the condition so you’ll have every piece of information you need to make the right decision to treat it from a dentist near you in Huntington, NY.

The Basics of TMJ

TMJ is a condition in the temporomandibular joint of your jaw, and it is often abbreviated to the acronym of TMJ as an easier reference. Because of its location, the condition is treatable by dentists like Smile Huntington. It’s important to first seek TMJ treatment in Huntington, NY, from your dentist because the symptoms of the condition can often mimic other oral health concerns such as dental decay and gum disease, to name a few.

Every Patient Will Be Different in Their Cause and Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ can be the result of an old injury to your face or neck – such as a sudden impact like whiplash – but it can also be caused by tooth grinding, arthritis in the jaw joint, and even stress.

Because the condition will present in different ways in every patient based on their unique scenario, each patient will have different symptoms. However, the most common symptoms reported all stem from a misalignment of the jaw which results in difficulty or pain when trying to open your mouth wide (such as when you yawn), hearing clicking sounds from your jaw when you’re eating or chewing (either audible to others or only to you), and unexplained pain in your facial area (including in your ears).

Treating TMJ

Using our advanced imagining equipment, Dr. Epakchi will be able to immediately identify the exact source of your discomfort. From there, he will discuss the various treatments available to provide relief from the misalignment of your jaw. These treatments are varied, but they will be tailored to your jaw individually. Two options that may be discussed include a specially-moulded bite guard to be worn while sleeping or mild sculpting of the shape of your teeth to provide a more comfortable bite relationship in your jaw and prevent nighttime tooth grinding.

Don’t Spend Another Day in Pain – Call Smile Huntington Today

We know how frustrating it is to wake up in the morning experiencing the pain from TMJ in Huntington. That’s why we want to make diagnosis and treatment available to everyone – even those who can’t visit a dentist during the day. Call us today to book an appointment time that works best for you – including Thursday evenings and Saturday!