Children's Dentistry in Huntington, NY

Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry in Huntington, New York

The health of children’s teeth is just as important as adult’s teeth, if not more so. After all, primary teeth play a part in the healthy development of adult teeth, and successfully establishing good oral hygiene habits from a young age can significantly improve one’s oral health in adulthood. At Smile Huntington, we welcome younger patients, as well as adults, and are happy to provide children’s dentistry in Huntington, NY.

Teeth development in children

A child usually receives their first baby tooth by about six months of age. These primary teeth will continue to come in for the next several years until they begin to be replaced by permanent teeth at around age six or seven. The health of the baby teeth is important because they hold the place in the mouth for the permanent teeth. They ensure that the teeth are in the correct position and that the jaw develops normally.

Dental care for children

The biggest concern in regards to children’s oral health is dental cavities. Most people have at least one cavity in their lifetime. The treatment for cavities, dental fillings, is simple and effective, but it’s always better to prevent dental issues than to treat them. At Smile Huntington, we provide treatment for cavities as well as routine cleanings and exams for children to help them maintain good oral health. Dental sealants can also be applied to provide an extra level of protection against cavities. Fluoride is an important mineral for the health of the teeth, so it is important to make sure that children are consuming a sufficient amount through their diet or water sources. We also provide fluoride treatments to help strengthen tooth enamel.

Oral hygiene for kids

One major component in ensuring that children have healthy teeth as they grow up is helping them develop good oral hygiene habits. This means brushing and flossing daily and making sure that it is done properly. Children should be supervised as they are learning to brush their teeth to make sure that they don’t swallow the toothpaste, but they should eventually be able to brush safely on their own. If you need assistance with educating your children on the importance of good oral hygiene in Huntington, NY, book a consultation and talk to our pediatric dentist near you at Smile Huntington.

FAQ: Children's Dentistry

What Is The Best Age To Introduce A Child To Dentistry?

Children Should Be Introduced As Early As Possible But Definitely By Age 2

How Can I Help My Child With Dental Anxiety?

Children Will Be Comfortable When The Appointment Is Made Fun And Nothing To Be Fearful Of

What Are The Common Dental Diseases In Children?

Dental Caries Are The Most Common, And Sometimes Due To Bottle Feeding

What Happens At First Pediatric Dentist Appointment?

First Appointment Is A Simple Introduction To The Office And A Quick Checkup And Cleaning

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