Dental Crowns in Huntington, NY

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Huntington, New York

The primary purpose of a dental crowns in Huntington, NY, is to restore and support the structural integrity of a tooth that has become severely damaged. Restoring a tooth instead of replacing a tooth is always a top goal at Smile Huntington.

The Many Uses of a Dental Crown

Considered one of the more affordable forms of cosmetic dentistry from our tooth crown dentist near you, a dental crown is also considered one of the most useful. Because of that, the procedure is not always considered strictly cosmetic. It is also used to successfully treat existing fillings that have become fractured, as a way to restore a tooth that is too damaged to be repaired with a filling, and as a final step in a root canal procedure.

The most commonly used materials for these types of dental crowns are ceramic or porcelain because they mimic the appearance in color of a patient’s surrounding teeth.

However, when a more precise color-match is deemed necessary, such as on a patient’s front teeth or other teeth that are exposed when they smile, laugh, eat, or speak, Smile Huntington offers even more precise color matching with the use of a Procera® crown.

Introducing the Most Natural-Looking Dental Crown Available

Often, when a tooth becomes damaged, it loses its ability to completely heal back to its original condition. This can mean a compromised smile for many patients seeking total smile restoration. And although a porcelain crown is an effective option for restoring a damaged tooth in many cases, there may be times when an exact color match is critical.

It’s that reason that Smile Huntington offers a choice of materials in dental crowns, including the advanced technology of a Procera® dental crown.

What sets a Procera® crown apart from the others? Unlike porcelain or ceramic restoration that only mimics the color of a patient’s surrounding teeth, Procera® crowns have the advanced technology built to perfectly match a patient’s surrounding teeth. What this means to you is an absolutely natural-looking tooth that no one will ever guess received any type of dental work.

Learn More Today

There are other reasons to choose a Procera® crown over the other options provided from a tooth crown dentist near you in Greenlawn – such as its custom fit and its biocompatibility – but the quickest way to learn how it can help restore and improve the quality of your smile is to make an appointment today with Smile Huntington and learn more about dental crowns in Huntington, NY.