Sedation Dentistry in Huntington, NY

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Huntington, New York

Most people are able to visit the dentist without any major problems. There may be some nervousness and some dread about whether or not they’ll receive a clean bill of health, but in most cases, patients are able to make dental appointments and keep them. There are some patients, however, who suffer from dental anxiety. This is a type of anxiety triggered by the thought of going to the dentist that is so strong that it prevents individuals from getting to the dentist’s office when they need to, whether it is for a routine cleaning or a needed treatment. This can have serious consequences, especially when the needed procedure is a dental filling or root canal. Fortunately, help is available with sedation dentistry. There are several types of sedation available at Smile Huntington to meet your needs in Huntington, NY.

What is sedation?

Sedatives come in several forms and work to either calm you or put you fully to sleep. Before administering any type of sedation, our sedation dentist near you will check on whether you are currently on any medications as it can interfere with the sedation.

What types of sedation are available?

Sedatives can be administered as a gas, a pill (oral medication), or intravenously. Each type causes a varying level of consciousness.

  • Laughing gas: This form of sedation is administered with a mixture of oxygen, which you breathe for the duration of your treatment. It leaves you conscious, allowing you to answer questions, but eases your mood. Laughing gas has no residual effects, so once it has been flushed out of your system, you will be able to return to your regular activities without a resting period.
  • Oral sedative: This sedative is taken before an appointment and can be topped up during the appointment if needed. Like laughing gas, it does not cause unconsciousness but does dull the senses. Little, if anything, from the procedure, will be recalled after the appointment is over.
  • IV sedation: This form is sedation is administered directly into the veins, resulting in immediate effects. It is slightly stronger than laughing gas or oral sedatives, so patients often feel groggy after their appointment.

To learn more about sedation dentistry in Huntington, NY and whether it is right for you, come visit us at Smile Huntington, or call us now to schedule a consultation with our sedation dentist near you.