Endodontics in Huntington NY


Endodontics in Huntington, NY

If you suffer from pulpitis, you may require a pulpectomy. A pulpectomy is often referred to as root canal therapy. The procedure involves removing the pulp, or insides, of a tooth. Symptoms that you may need our endodontic specialists at Smile Huntington are temperature sensitivity, a darkened tooth, and sudden toothaches. These are all signs that the root of your tooth has been traumatized and is not functioning properly. It’s important to call our dental office in Huntington as soon as you see or feel the symptoms to avoid having your affected tooth extracted. Sometimes, a damaged root canal is not evident but can be identified using X-rays. Therefore, it is important to see our Huntington dentist near you, twice a year to prevent oral health problems from arising or worsening.

For dentist near you in Halesite, NY an appointment at our dental clinic is all that you really need. Therefore, schedule an appointment today!

Reasons to Undergo a Root Canal or Other Dental Surgery

Root canal treatment can save a tooth that has had severe trauma, is cracked or decayed. The pulp, or soft tissue inside the tooth’s root canal, becomes infected or swollen and could cause further complications if not treated promptly.

Our dentist near you at Smile Huntington, are specialize in endodontics in Huntington, NY, the treatment of the inner part of the tooth and are experts at treating root canals. Root canal treatment involves removing the damaged pulp and the surrounding nerves. The area is then cleaned and sealed. The whole treatment is done after applying a local anesthetic so that you do not feel any pain throughout the procedure. Often, a dental crown is placed on the affected tooth for its protection.

In some cases, a tooth can become infected even after a root canal has been done. If this is the case, the endodontists at Smile Huntington can perform further surgery to treat you. Your dentist and endodontists will gladly talk more in detail about the types of surgery you require at your consultation. To have any questions or concerns answered or to schedule an appointment, call Smile Huntington in Huntington, New York, for the most comfortable care available in your area. You can also find a dentist near you in other locations including Huntington Station, Greenlawn, Cold Spring Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, Halesite, and South Huntington. Visit today!


What does an endodontist treat?

The endodontist does root canal treatments.

What is the difference between endodontics and dentist?

The endodontist specializes in only root canal treatments whereas a dentist does everything needed.

What type of patients are treated in Endodontics?

Patients are usually referred by a dentist to an endodontist.

Why would a dentist send you to an endodontist?

Not all dentist like to perform root canal treatments. Also if a root canal treatments is very complicated.