What Emergency Dental Care Services Do Dentists Provide?

What Emergency Dental Care Services Do Dentists Provide?

May 01, 2020

Why Do You Need Emergency Dental Services?

Emergency dental services may be required by anyone at any time as dental emergencies do not provide a prior warning before striking anyone. Being prepared with the information about where you can turn to when faced with a dental emergency is better than running around trying to find a dentist who will treat you immediately.

Dentists can provide emergency services of all types regardless of whether they are practicing as a general dentist or an emergency dentist. They are fully qualified to deal with all oral health issues, especially during emergencies. Dentists certainly have busy and hectic schedules but set time aside every day for emergencies that they are aware any patient could be affected.

As a patient, you have to understand what precisely is an emergency and what isn’t before seeking instant treatment from emergency dentists. Rushing to the practice of an emergency dentist for a chipped tooth that is causing no pain will not prove beneficial because it can certainly wait for your regular dentist for the treatment you need. The emergency dentist will attend to the problem and may even attempt to repair the chipped tooth immediately but will recommend that you visit your regular dentist for another checkup. This clearly indicates that you will be required to visit dentists twice spending time and money to deal with an inconsequential problem.

If you have a knocked-out tooth or a fractured tooth the matter will be entirely different. A knocked-out tooth, when attended to by an emergency dentist, can potentially be reinserted back into the socket if you manage to reach the dentist’s office within 30 minutes. You will, however, have to carry the knocked-out tooth with you ensuring that it is preserved in a container of milk or placed back between your cheeks and gums to receive effective treatment.

A severely fractured tooth may require extraction if it cannot be repaired or restored. Here again, a visit to the emergency dentist in Huntington will prove beneficial because appropriate action will be taken immediately to ensure relief is provided to you from the problem.

Dentists have an aim in mind to save every tooth regardless of whether they are working as emergency dentists or specialists in a different field. They can provide all types of emergency services to patients that need them whenever they encounter any emergency.

What Emergency Services Can Be Provided by a Dentist?

Your oral health is one of the most significant parts of your overall health as well. It is the reason why all dentists are recommending an expert checkup routine because it can help to avoid oral health problems like cavities, plaque, and other problems. However certain situations can get out of your control and often require emergency dental services to receive treatment immediately.

If you are wondering about the circumstances or reasons why you may need to approach the emergency dentist in Huntington we can provide you with many reasons which may necessitate a visit to the emergency dentist to seek the right care. Given below are some of the reasons for your understanding.


Emergency dentists can help you in every situation along with the extraction of a tooth that may be damaged because of cavities or infection. It could also be because of an injury requiring the tooth to be extracted for healing the gums and bleeding. Emergency dentists have all the equipment and technique that is needed to extract teeth effectively.


Another reason why you may need to visit the Huntington dentist is to seek repairs to any restorations in your mouth. The dentist you approach can help to repair any damaged or chipped tooth to ensure you have a healthy smile and perfect oral health. Furthermore, emergency dentists are experts who can help with the restorations of crowns, repair of damaged wires or broken brackets of braces or restore fillings.

Swelling and Pain

You can approach the dentist in Huntington, NY, to help you with infections that are causing swelling and pain. In such cases, it could be a root canal that is bothering you or infection from an abscessed tooth. You may either be recommended root canal therapy or prescribed antibiotics to get over the infections. If you have any swelling because of your wisdom teeth the dentist can intervene to help you find relief from the swelling and pain so you have no difficulty eating.

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