What are the Different Types of Dental Crown Procedures?

What are the Different Types of Dental Crown Procedures?

Jul 01, 2022

An accident or injury can leave you with a tooth or teeth that are chipped or damaged. In addition to getting your teeth damaged through accident, tooth decay can also create holes in your tooth, leading to your tooth losing its natural shape. The good news is that our dentist in Huntington can use a dental crown as a cap for the damaged tooth. In addition to protecting your tooth from further damage, a dental crown will install the tooth’s size, appearance, strength, and shape.

Let us look at the different dental crown procedures.

Different Types of Dental Crown Procedures

It is important to know that there are two dental crown procedures when you want to get the dental crowns for your teeth.

Two-Time Visit Dental Crown Installation Procedure

The first dental crown installation involves two visits so that the dentist can successfully [put the dental crown in your tooth.

After getting into the dental office, the tooth that needs a dental crown will undergo examination, which involves having X-rays taken of the tooth and the surrounding bone tissue. Then, a root canal procedure may be recommended before getting the dental crown fixed.

Root canal treatment is recommended when you have tooth decay, your teeth are at risk of getting infected, or you get injured in your tooth’s pulp.

After tooth examination, the dentist will file down the tooth across its top and sides. This creates space for the crown. The type of crown that the dentist installs determines the amount of tooth to be filed away.

When looking for a dentist to install a tooth crown near you, it is important to discuss the types of dental crowns available. For instance, metal dental crowns do not need a lot of teeth filing compared to dental crowns made from porcelain.

The dentist then reshapes your tooth and uses a paste to take and make an impression of the tooth undergoing the dental crown treatment. Our Huntington dentist also takes an impression of how your tooth is shaped below and above. It is important to take these impressions as they help make a perfectly fitting dental crown so that it does not affect how you chew.

The impressions are then taken to the lab to make the dental crown using these impressions. Making the dental crown can take between two to three weeks.

When you go for your first visit, the dentist creates a temporary crown to cover your teeth and protect them from trauma or damage. This is done while the permanent crown is still made in the lab.

The second visit is when the dentist has already finished making the permanent crown and is ready for installation. The temporary crown is removed, and the dentist compares the permanent crown color and your tooth to show how well it fits.

After the dentist has confirmed everything is okay, local anesthesia is used on your gum around the location where the dental crown is installed. The permanent dental crown is then cemented on the desired tooth.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

Same-day dental crowns need the dentist to have special equipment to make the permanent crown in less time than the two-time visit dental crowns.

The procedure is typically the same as the traditional dental crown: removing decay and shaping the tooth to ensure the dental crown fits well. The tooth is also filed down to create enough space for the dental crown.

The next step is making the actual crown. This procedure is different from the traditional dental crown process. First, a scanning device known as a wand is utilized to take digital pictures of your tooth. The dentist then uses software in their computer to create a 3D model of the tooth from the digital pictures taken.

The 3D model, a digital design, is then taken to the office machine. This office machine carves out the crown shape from a block of ceramic.

It takes about fifteen minutes for the crown to be ready, and then the dentist will put the dental crown in place.

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If you have been involved in an accident or injured your mouth that has led to tooth trauma, we recommended you to visit Smile Huntington to get dental crowns in Huntington. Our dentist can fix your teeth and install a dental crown for your tooth.

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