What are Empress® Veneers & Their Benefits?

What are Empress® Veneers & Their Benefits?

May 05, 2022

What are Empress Veneers?

Empress veneers are a unique type of dental veneers made from a material known as empress esthetic. This material is available in various colors to ensure that the veneers blend effortlessly with the natural color of your teeth.

Dental veneers, in general, are a solution to help you achieve a desirable look. They are a thin cover adherent to the tooth to give it a more classically shaped look. This will greatly improve your smile.

Veneers are used to fix various dental issues such as stained teeth, chipped teeth, uneven spacing of the teeth, or even crooked teeth. They are made using various materials such as porcelain and resin composite.

Benefits of Empress Veneers

Here are the benefits associated with getting empress veneers:

  • First, they are picked as an option due to their high light transmittance. For this reason, empress veneers will enable you to get a high esthetic effect and achieve a natural look.
  • Empress veneers greatly enhance your smile. In appearance, they have no distinct difference from natural teeth. It will be hard for anyone to tell that your cosmetic dentist in Huntington, NY installed veneers at the front of your teeth.
  • The versatility of the empress veneers makes them a great choice for dentists. They offer excellent results in solving cracked teeth, stains, uneven gaps, and crooked teeth. If you suffer from any of these issues, you can choose to have an installation of empress veneers.
  • Another benefit of empress veneers is their durability. They can withstand regular wear that teeth are subjected to without tarnishing or weakening.
  • A great smile will greatly boost your self-confidence. Empress veneers enhance your smile by giving you a bright and healthy smile. This will make your self-consciousness around people a thing of the past.

Why Should You Get Empress Veneers?

Our dentist near you will recommend empress veneers as a treatment option for several cosmetic problems. These problems include the presence of a gap with no other viable treatment option.

Another reason why your dentist will choose empress veneers is if you need to lengthen your teeth. Empress veneers are also used to treat discoloration caused by bleaching or overuse of antibiotics.

If you desire a natural look of healthy teeth after your teeth have undergone too much damage or worn down, empress veneers may be the perfect option for you.

Smile Huntington is equipped to help you achieve the perfect smile using empress veneers. Our dentists are ready for consultation and to guide you through the process of getting empress veneers.

What is the Process Of Getting Empress Veneers Installed?

On your appointment, our cosmetic dentist in Huntington, NY, will first take a picture and measure the size of the teeth. You will then be given local anesthesia. Your tooth measurement is then taken again after reshaping is done.

The measurements are then digitized for a model to be made. The dentist then checks the harmony of the model in the mouth. If there are complications at this stage, the model is taken back to the lab for reconstruction.

The dental technicians then elaborate porcelain onto the model. They also add color and shape to it. After this, the second try-on is done. As a patient, you can now see the harmony in your mouth and decide on the color or any other adjustments that you would want to be done.

Once the adjustments are made to your desired standards, the dental technicians then do the polishing. After this is complete, using the required adhesives, the empress coatings are then applied to your mouth, and the process is complete.

What do You Need to Know before Getting Empress Veneers?

Empress veneers are an excellent cosmetic treatment option for a lot of problems. However, it is just that, a cosmetic treatment option. If you have any underlying issues such as decay or gum disease, it is essential that your dentist treats the gum disease or infection before getting empress veneers.

It is essential to go for routine dental checkups. This is necessary to check your oral health so that the dentist can determine if you are a perfect candidate for empress veneers. You should also use this time to discuss expectations from the dental procedure.

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