5 Major  Benefits of Getting Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants Are Suitable For All Ages

Contrary to what many people believe in, sealants are useful to children and teenagers. While it is true that kids are the most common age demographic for dental sealants treatment, anyone can share these benefits. The permanent teeth of adults and older people have grooves that need to be covered by sealants to protect the tooth from bacteria.

Dental Sealants Protect Against Cavities

Dental sealants help protect the teeth from cavities by covering the groove part of your molars with a tooth-colored plastic coating. This additional coating of protection makes it difficult for food debris or tartar, which may cause decay to remain on the surface of your tooth.

The Process is Quick and Painless

The sealant application process is a simple one. First, the teeth are cleaned and prepared by your dental hygienist. Next, your teeth are prepared using a mild solution similar to the strength of vinegar or lemon juice. This is used to slightly roughen the surface of each tooth to sealant coating bond properly to your tooth.

Dental Sealants Reduces Deep Grooves

The collection of bacteria in the deep grooves may lead to your tooth experiencing some degree of decay. Dental sealants thus prevent decay from developing in these deep grooves.

Sealants are Long Lasting and can Save Your Money

Applying sealants when young will protect your teeth during the most cavity-prone years. Sealants will last longer if you avoid biting hard objects and maintain good oral hygiene. During your regular visits to our dentist near you, the state of your sealants will be checked. Your dentist may recommend repair or re-application if necessary.

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