Fluoride Treatment to Fight Cavity and Strengthen Tooth Enamel

Fluoride Treatment to Fight Cavity and Strengthen Tooth Enamel

Nov 09, 2021

Are you at a high risk of developing dental cavities and are forever concerned about how you can avoid them? Perhaps you have never heard about how a natural mineral fluoride helps build durable teeth to prevent cavities from developing. Your tooth enamel receives help from fluoride to battle against the bacteria in your mouth harmful to your teeth and gums.


What is Fluoride Treatment?


Fluoride treatment is particularly beneficial for you as you are at a higher risk of developing dental cavities. Tooth decay occurs when you allow bacteria to build upon your teeth and gums by neglecting or ignoring proper dental hygiene to form a sticky layer called plaque. Acids are produced by plaque to erode your teeth and gum tissue. When the plaque drills the enamel layer, the microorganisms infect and harm the nerves and connective blood tissue at the tooth’s center. However, as you don’t know how fluoride treatments can help, it will be beneficial to see our dentist near you and inquire about how this treatment can help strengthen your tooth enamel to prevent cavities from developing.


How Much Fluoride Will You Need?


Your discussion with our dentist near you will reveal that professional fluoride treatments from dentists are recommended by the American Dental Association every three, six, or 12 months based on your oral health. In addition, our dentist recommends or prescribes a special fluoride rinse or gel for at-home use if you are at a higher risk of dental cavities.


If you are an excessive drug or alcohol user, have eating disorders, maintain poor oral hygiene, do not visit our dentist for exams and cleanings, and have weakened enamel, you can consider yourself a candidate for professional fluoride treatments at the recommended time intervals. As an adult, you require 1.5 to 4 milligrams of fluoride every day. If our dentist recommends, you can get the fluoride intake you need from water, food, and supplements. Alternatively, you can schedule six-monthly dental appointments with our dentist for cleanings and exams when you also receive fluoride treatments after dental prophylaxis.


How Beneficial is Fluoride Treatment?


Fluoride therapies perform by renovating minerals to tooth surfaces where bacteria have corroded the enamel. The treatment also inhibits the development of harmful bacteria to prevent cavities further. Please do not assume fluoride treatment, will remove decay by itself. However, the treatment ensures it creates a more robust outer surface to your teeth to ensure pollution doesn’t penetrate the deeper parts of your tooth.


Fluoride is beneficial to both adults and children. The earlier children are presented with fluoride, the less likely they developing cavities.


Is Fluoride Treatment Stressful?


Our dentist in Huntington provides fluoride treatments in highly concentrated rinses, varnish, gel, or foam. Application of the treatment proceeds with a swab, brush, tray, or mouthwash. Our dentist’s fluoride treatments contain more fluoride than is available in water or toothpaste. The treatment requires a few minutes to complete before the stressful part begins.


Our dentist recommends you avoid eating or drinking anything for the next 30 minutes after the application to ensure your teeth entirely absorb the fluoride. Beyond the 30 minutes of stress, you must endure, you can proceed with your regular activities soon after the treatment.


Fluoride treatments aren’t likely to cause any stress even financially because they are affordable and cost around $10 or $30 for adults. However, fluoride treatments for children are covered by dental insurance companies. Therefore you don’t have to worry about any dental anxiety when scheduling your appointment for fluoride treatments to prevent a recurring problem from occurring in your mouth.


How Else Can You Prevent Cavities?


Brushing your teeth twice daily is optimal to remove dental plaque from your teeth and gums. Flossing at least once a day or using an interdental cleaner also helps reach tooth surfaces challenging to reach with a toothbrush.


Brushing your teeth is vital because of the friction and movement it causes. You can brush your teeth using water but favoring a toothpaste containing fluoride and other cleaning ingredients significantly enhances the benefits of brushing.


You must aim to get the fluoride you need topically from toothpaste or fluoride treatments from our dentist. If you live in an area where fluoridated water is available, you can benefit from drinking the water. However, the ADA recommends you get fluoride both topically and systemically to confirm fluoride toothpaste is essential even if you drink fluoridated water frequently.


Visit a Dentist Near You


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