Popular Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Popular Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Dec 01, 2020

There is a lot of information out there about a root canal, and unfortunately some of it is misleading. Over the years, several myths have been raised and this has contributed to the stigma forming around the procedure. At Smile Huntington, our dentists are committed to breaking the stigma by ensuring patients get correct and updated information, not just about root canals, but for all dental procedures. It is important for patients to understand that dental treatments are in their best interest and there is really nothing to worry about as long as all precautions are observed.

Root canal therapy is a procedure used to treat an infected root canal. It involves completely clearing out the root canal to get rid of the inflamed or infected pulp. The canal is the hollow section inside of a tooth that consists of the nerves, blood vessels, and other connective tissues that are collectively referred to as the pulp.

The role of the pulp is to nourish the tooth through the blood vessels and sense temperature changes with the help of the nerves. However, once a tooth has completely matured, it can survive without the pulp as opposed to having an infected pulp that can cause irreversible damage such as tooth loss. During the treatment, expect our Huntington dentist to clean, disinfect, fill and seal the canal.

Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Here are some common myths about root canal treatment:

1. It Hurts

It is widely assumed that the procedure is painful, but the truth is that it actually relieves you from pain caused by having an inflamed and infected pulp. In fact, the pain from a diseased pulp is what makes most people visit their nearest dentist in such for relief. Before the procedure begins, an anesthetic will be administered to make the process comfortable and painless.

The idea that root canal treatment is painful is completely inaccurate and mostly spread by people that are yet to receive the treatment or those that experienced it decades ago. Modern dentistry through anesthetics and improved tools has enabled the treatment to be quick, painless, and yet effective. Some patients report feeling some discomfort after the procedure such as inflammation but this is effectively handled with anti-inflammatory and pain medications to help with the recovery.

2. Requires Several Dental Appointments

The advancements in technology have made it possible to complete a root canal in just a single appointment. However, depending on the complexity of your case, it can take a maximum of 3 dental appointments to complete a root canal therapy. Issues such as the number of roots affected and the nature of the canal can affect the treatment time.

3. Can Trigger Other Illnesses

There is no evidence that supports the idea that people that have undergone root canals are at higher risk of developing certain illnesses than people who have never had the procedure. if anything, root canal treatment promotes good oral health by getting rid of bacteria from the infected part of the mouth and striving to prevent re-infection. Our dentists in Main St, Huntington advises patients that the procedure is meant to fight off illness and infection, and not cause it.

4. Tooth Extraction is a Better Alternative

This is entirely false, as saving your tooth in any situation is always the best option. Losing a tooth puts you at risk of other complications, especially if no effort is made to replace it. So, rather than extract a tooth and then go through the process of replacing it, our dentist insists that you save your tooth whenever it is possible. There is no tooth-replacement solution that matches up with your natural teeth.

5. Only Performed When a Tooth Hurt

According to our emergency dentists in Huntington, most patients that come in reporting a persistent toothache often end up in need of root canal therapy. This however does not mean that a root canal is not necessary if your tooth does not hurt. Your pulp could still be infected but not at the stage to cause pain. This is why it is important to go for routine dental visits so that problems are spotted even before they start to show any symptoms.

Visit Your Nearby Dentist

For any more questions you may have concerning root canal treatment, book an appointment with us today for a personalized consultation with our qualified team. Our team of dental professional also welcome patients from the nearby communities like Huntington Station, Cold Spring Harbor, and Greenlawn.

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