Convenient Technique to Straighten the Teeth with Invisalign

Convenient Technique to Straighten the Teeth with Invisalign

Jul 30, 2021

Are your crooked teeth making life difficult for you preventing you from smiling, and creating numerous other dental issues? You may know that straightening teeth is possible by seeking orthodontic treatment from a specialist in your area. However, as an adult, you may think orthodontic treatments are embarrassing because of the metal brackets and wires you must wear over your teeth when straightening them. As a result, you may express reluctance to undergo orthodontic treatment, preferring instead to live with your dental imperfections.

Your thinking will change if you discuss your issue with our dentist near you, offering a convenient technique for straightening teeth without any metal or wire coming anywhere close to you. Our dentist does not provide you with a magical treatment, but one that created a revolution for most people with crooked and misaligned teeth in the late 90s.

Do not think our dentist offers you an outdated treatment because the 90s were just a couple of decades away, and orthodontic treatments have been around for over a century. Instead, what our dentist near you recommends is that you get your teeth straightened using Invisalign in Huntington, NY, the revolutionary therapy that changed orthodontic treatment forever after its introduction in the 90s.

Wondering What Invisalign Is?

The Invisalign technique is a method of straightening your teeth without any braces (yes, you heard it right). Don’t let the information surprise you because we have more in store to make you wonder why you didn’t inquire about this treatment earlier. Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign provides invisible braces for you to straighten your teeth in 18 to 24 months if you comply with the stipulations of our Huntington dentist providing Invisalign treatment.

Please do not assume the virtually invisible braces will be visible to one and all because you are required to have them over your teeth for the better part of the day and night. In reality, do not make any assumptions until you visit the Invisalign provider for an evaluation to get your teeth and mouth examined to determine whether you are suitable for the treatment.

How the Invisalign Procedure Begin to Straighten Your Teeth?

If you are determined to improve the appearance of your teeth, oral health, and smile with Invisalign, you must schedule an appointment with the provider to have your teeth assessed for suitability. When you visit the Invisalign provider, our dentist will discuss your situation and evaluate your teeth for Invisalign treatment. You also have the freedom to make inquiries about the treatment during your appointment.

The provider offers you information Invisalign is a discreet method of straightening your teeth by wearing clear aligners over your teeth resembling braces without metal or wire holding them. The clear braces are custom-created explicitly for your teeth to straighten them gradually over time and eliminate all the dental problems you currently encounter.

When you begin straightening your teeth with Invisalign treatment, you don’t have to visit orthodontists every month to adjust the wires or brackets because none exist. Instead, replace the current aligner in your mouth with a new aligner sent by the company to continue your treatment. Isn’t that wonderful?

Let us surprise you further with information that Invisalign clear aligners are removable and will not make you endure challenges when eating or maintaining proper dental hygiene. In reality, the Invisalign provider instructs you to remove the aligners from your mouth when eating or drink anything but water and brush and floss your teeth. However, you must return the aligners to your teeth soon after finishing your everyday activities. You can even remove the aligners on rare occasions if you are attending an important event or a job interview. However, the longer the aligners remain on your teeth, the faster you can complete your treatment.

Is Everyone Suitable for Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is suitable for adults between 18 and 40 with minor imperfections of underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, crowding, crooked teeth, and gaps between the teeth. Unfortunately, adults with complicated situations of the above problems must rely on traditional orthodontic treatments for straightening their teeth.

If you are suitable for Invisalign treatment, you must adhere to the provider’s instructions and have the aligners over your teeth for the stipulated hours every day until you complete the treatment. In addition, you must schedule appointments with the provider once every 6 to 8 weeks to have them assess your progress and deliver the next batch of aligners for you to continue treatment.

The days when you had to display a mouthful of metal when straightening your teeth have long gone past. Currently can contact our Huntington dentist for a convenient technique to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing your treatment with Invisalign aligners until you remove the braces eventually to display beautifully straight teeth to everyone.